February Story Slam: A Lot of Poop, Puke, and Hangovers

Another sold out event! The theme for this month was SICK, and we suppose we have no one to blame but ourselves for the tales of various bodily fluids emitting from various places. Anyway, we congratulate Brad Jennings, who had the highest score Tuesday night with his story about a few times when he was sick (plenty of bodily fluids in his story). Brad is pictured here with this month's host, Aaron Lewis, and his prize, an(other) exclusive York Story Slam journal from our friends at Story Supply Co.

BUT - we're new at this, and hadn't anticipated having the same person win two slams, and we neglected to offer our next Grand Slam spot to the person with the second-highest score. So congratulations go out, as well, to David Weissman, who told a story of a time from his childhood when he pretended to be sick so he could stay home from school and have a little...alone time (this story ends abruptly, just - mercifully - short of including any bodily fluids). Oh, dear.

Click here to view videos of these and all the other stories from that night.

We recommend you get your tickets for our March 15 story slam, because they're already going fast, and we don't expect to have any available at the door. The theme is LUCK.

Brad Jennings Wins Inaugural York Story Slam

Brad Jennings won our January story slam. The theme was New Beginnings, and Brad told the story of his first day working for a newspaper in another town - a job he stayed at for only six weeks before coming back to York. Brad is pictured here with our host for the evening, Matthew Kabik, and his prize, an exclusive York Story Slam journal from our friends at Story Supply Co. Brad has also earned a spot in our Grand Slam in November.

Thank you to everyone who attended our first event - it was completely sold out! And extra thanks to those who put their names into the hat to tell a story. Click here to view videos of the stories.

We recommend you get your tickets for our February 16 story slam, and get 'em quick - we don't expect to have any available at the door. The theme is SICK.

Story Slam is coming to York!

                            Photo from Lancaster Story Slam

                          Photo from Lancaster Story Slam

Clear your calendar for the third Tuesday of the month in 2016 so you can raise a glass or six and enjoy hearing true stories from friends and neighbors. We'll have a different theme each month, and anyone who attends is welcome to put their name in the hat for a chance to share their story. Read more about how it works on our About page.

We fell in love with the concept of story slams by way of The Moth Radio Hour, which we first discovered when WXPN began to broadcast it on Tuesday nights (also available as a podcast through iTunes so you never have to miss an episode). We wanted to attend a story slam live and in person, so we started looking around to see if there were any in our area. As good fortune would have it, the Lancaster Story Slam had just gotten up and running. We attended an event and quickly became part of the regional story slam community, and knew immediately that we wanted to bring it to York.

It's been such a pleasure to attend Lancaster and West Chester Story Slam events this year and make plans for our own series. This time of year is Grand Slam season - Grand Slams are the culminating events where all the winners from the current season are invited back to compete for the title of Best Storyteller. Here's the winning story from the recent Delco Story Slam Grand Slam event:


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