York Story Slam is a monthly gathering where anyone can take a turn at the microphone and tell a TRUE story based on that month's theme.

Our series is part of the growing regional offering of open mic story slam events that began with West Chester Story Slam in 2010 and has grown to include Delco Story Slam, Lancaster Story Slam, and Lehigh Valley Story Slam. If you're a fan of The Moth, NPR's This American Life, or Philadelphia's First Person Arts Story Slam, you're going to love having this monthly event on your calendar.

You can come just to listen to other people tell stories, or you can sign up to tell a story. Storytellers register upon arrival and we'll draw 10 names from a hat to tell their stories according to the following rules:

Digital Ephemera Photography

Digital Ephemera Photography

  • Story should reflect the theme of that evening

  • Story should be true to the best of your recollection

  • Should be your story - you are the/a central character

  • Story should be about five minutes long

  • No notes, no props - just you and the microphone

Three judges are chosen from the audience and each storyteller is given scores based on content and presentation. We don’t take the competition part too seriously - it’s all about having a fun night together hearing each other's stories - but the storyteller with the top score at each event wins an exclusive York Story Slam journal set from our friends at Story Supply Co and earns a spot in our Grand Slam at the end of the season.

In addition to the live event, we'll post the stories to our YouTube channel and feature selected stories from each event in our monthly podcast (available for free through iTunes). Storytellers must sign a release granting us permission to post their performance in order to participate; they retain all rights to their stories.

York Story Slam live events take place at Holy Hound Taproom in downtown York on the third Tuesday of the month. Join us to listen and perhaps share your own story.


If I Come To York Story Slam, Do I have to Tell a STory?

Nope. You're welcome to attend and be entertained by those who do. We'd love for you to put your name in the hat, but we'll never pressure you to do so.

Can The Same Person Win More Than Once in the Same Season?

No. If someone has already earned a spot in our Grand Slam, they are welcome to tell more stories during the season, but they will not receive scores for any stories they tell after their initial win. We call it the "Brad Jennings Rule." (Clarifying because we goofed on this the first time it happened.)

What if there is a tie?

Good question. In the event of a tie during a regular season Story Slam, the event producers will choose one of the following:

  • Announce there is a tie, and then have the judges independently cast secret ballots as to which story they deemed best.

  • Declare the Story Slam a tie and award each of those tied a spot in the Grand Slam.

Are there age requirements to attend and/or tell a story?

  • Holy Hound Taproom is a bar. The PLCB rule is that anyone under the age of 21 must be accompanied at all times by someone who is 25 or older.

  • We do not know ahead of time what people are going to say, so it's up to parents to use their own discretion as to whether they're comfortable bringing their teenager along.




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