And Then the Clouds Parted...

Maddie Crocenzi

Maddie Crocenzi

The theme for our March story slam was SILVER LININGS. We heard stories of falling short then seeing the light, positive takeaways from hardships and major life events, and even one story about a pie contest. Angela Marick won with her story about a turning point in her formerly "vanilla" life.

Angela is pictured here with this month's host, David Smith. Angela won an exclusive York Story Slam journal from our friends at Story Supply Co. and earned a spot in our Grand Slam in November.

Watch videos of all the stories from that night here. (We recommend having a box of tissues within reach; the stories this month were a bit heavier than usual, and it was an emotional ride.)

Tickets for our April story slam are on sale now.  The theme is GOING THE DISTANCE. Our first three events in 2019 have sold out in advance, so we recommend getting your tickets now!